The Centre

Dhamma Makaranda

Dhamma Makaranda, Nectar of the Flower of Dhamma, is the Pali name given by Mr. Goenka to the new Vipassana center in Mexico. 

The first Vipassana meditation center built in Latin America, Dhamma Makaranda is located near Valle de Bravo, a beautiful colonial town beside a large lake, in the highlands of central Mexico. The center is west of Mexico City, and is a pleasant, 2 hour drive from the capital.

Donated by old students, the ten-acre property is very isolated. It is in a quiet, secluded valley, surrounded by pine and oak forests and small neighboring farms.

The first 10-day courses were held at Dhamma Makaranda in the fall of 2003. Before then, all meditation courses in Mexico had been held in temporary, rented facilities.

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