Policy and Procedures

In September of 2004 there were informal policies and procedures developed for North America by the Regional Children’s Course Committee. The RCCC also developed a document to be read and signed by all adults serving on Children’s and Teen Courses. This document was entitled “Children’s and Teen’s Course Safety Guidelines”.

The RCCC based these informal policies/procedures/guidelines on the five precepts and code of discipline for dhamma workers with more explicit direction regarding protocol with children and teens. Basically the documents direct us to avoid any inappropriate physical contact, any appearance of inappropriate physical contact or even the suggestion of such.

The Children’s Course Committee and the Children’s Course Teacher who organize Children’s and Teen Course held at the Ontario Vipassana Meditation Centre follow the informal policies/procedures/guidelines that were put in place by the RCCC. These documents will now be used as the basis for establishing formal policies and procedures specifically for the Children’s and Teen Anapana Meditation Courses conducted at the Ontario Vipassana Meditation Centre.

Download Policy & Procedures [PDF]